Logicalis SMC and UMBRiO are set to collaborate closely on change projects relating to IT4IT. While Logicalis SMC will focus on the implementation of tools and processes, UMBRiO will ensure that the transformation is a success by involving employees under the heading of People Interaction Management and deploying them actively on the required changes to ensure that new standards and processes are actually accepted and used. With the collaboration in mind, UMBRiO has based itself at the same location as Logicalis SMC in Rijswijk.

Speaking about the collaboration, Managing Director Eugene Wolf of Logicalis SMC said: “For over fifteen years our strength has been in the implementation of IT4IT and ITSM tools, techniques and processes. That focus is important and has made us successful. Developments such as multi-vendor outsourcing and the Cloud are changing the way IT is managed. Entirely different activities will be expected from IT Management; you could say that a genuine transformation is under way in terms of organization. Customers often take on responsibility for that themselves, but sometimes underestimate the resistance they will encounter in the user organization. UMBRiO’s approach is aimed at overcoming that resistance so that people collaborate on the change with conviction and enthusiasm.”

Erik Witte, Managing Director of UMBRiO: “Eugene is right, our services are a perfect fit with those of Logicalis SMC. Alongside the necessary changes made by Logicalis SMC on the technical and process side, we unlock the required energy on the client side, so everyone takes responsibility for achieving genuine success. We include both the management and the staff in that and focus on the end-result. It is they, rather than the tools or processes, who ultimately have to deliver the change.”

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About Logicalis SMC

Logicalis SMC has been the market leader in IT Service Management for fifteen years and is the founder of the Service Management as a Utility concept. An integrated approach that connects ITSM processes, tools and professionals with each other and with the business, on-site or in the cloud.

We firmly believe that professionalism, enthusiasm and energy are key to delivering successful IT transformation. We develop flexible IT4IT solutions based on best practices in IT Service Management, Enterprise Portfolio Management and Continuous Delivery. These form essential building blocks that enable IT organizations to keep control on their service provision and build a lasting relationship with the business.

About UMBRiO

UMBRiO concentrates entirely on IT transformation with a focus on people. We believe in standards and simplification, because they provide scope to serve clients better, with contact and contract being equally important. We design and implement standard IT management processes and support managers, employees and partners of IT organizations so that they can adopt and apply these processes successfully.

Examples of our services are High Trust Vendor Collaboration, IT Service Portfolio Architecture, Process Adoption, IT Master Data Management and Program & Project Leadership.

We have a strong and extensive network of experienced professionals with wide-ranging experience in IT management processes, technology and organizational change.