Today Splunk announces a strategic partnership with UMBRiO, an international provider of IT solutions who helps customers on their journey to turn separate IT departments into a well-integrated business function – and regional partner of Logicalis SMC – to deliver business and operational insights from all sorts of data sources to customers in EMEA. Splunk offers the leading platform for Operational Intelligence. It enables the curious to look closely at what others ignore—machine data—and find what others never see. This partnership enables UMBRiO to offer clients in the service, financial, healthcare, manufacturing and government sectors a more predictive, profitable, competitive and secure IT environment.

Splunk ”See the forest and the trees”

Splunk makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the untapped value of the big data generated by all your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications-giving you the insight to drive operational performance and business results.

About UMBRiO

Based in the Netherlands, UMBRiO helps businesses transform their IT department. UMBRiO uses Splunk to help them gain better insights from the data in their enterprise IT platform, to reduce operational costs and to boost business results.