We are very proud to announce two of our presentations have been selected for the 8th annual Splunk Conference .conf2017 on 25-28 september in Washington DC, USA.

Erik Witte, UMBRiO’s founder and CEO, will talk about “Business Value Delivery for Splunk Enterprise Customers” in a joint presentation with Leo van Essen, Head of ABN AMRO’s Centers of Excellence.

Eduard Lekanne gezegd Deprez, architect BSM/CMS/Splunk at UMBRiO, and Danny Bos, VP Manager Monitoring Services within Continuity Services at Rabobank, will address the matter of “Business securing sustainability on competitive business services at Rabobank using Splunk ITSI.”

Business Value Delivery for Splunk Enterprise Customers

Most organizations evolve from a few use cases in the IT or Security department to multiple use cases across the enterprise with both IT, security and business stakeholders. This requires a governance model that ensures and facilitates the “biggest bang for the buck”.
It also requires a robust platform able to cope with terabytes of data on a daily basis. Our storyline will consist of 4 major parts.

  1. From use cases to value cases – including various examples from our experience with ABN AMRO Bank.
  2. The introduction of a dedicated DevOps team that owns the end2end Operational Intelligence service.
  3. Based on a highly automated, well performing and scalable enterprise Splunk platform.
  4. The introduction of a common data model based on The Open Group’s IT4IT reference architecture to ensure superior data quality, prevent vendor lock-in and expensive customizations.

Business securing sustainability on competitive business services at Rabobank using Splunk ITSI

End2end visibility on the customer journey of internet payments by combining transaction and silo data from Rabobank’s data lake into service predictability insights by leveraging the power of Splunk ITSI.

    1. Top-down Service centric approach based on Business Risk Appetite.
    2. Service centricity and IT chain perspectives resulting in faster MTTR.
    3. Organizational awareness managed through iDeal payment service Showcase.
    4. Leveraging Rabobank’s CMDB investment as a fundament for better IT4IT communication.

We look forward to meeting you there!

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