Meet Our Executive Team

In any industry the people behind a company are as important as the company itself so let us introduce you to some of the folks behind UMBRiO, our management team. Some people call them ‘The Executives’, others ‘The Management’. In real life, they’re much more human than either name makes them sound. Passionate about people and happy customers, with a wide range of on and offline interests.

About Erik

Erik Witte UMBRiO Founder CEO
Erik WitteFounder & Chief Executive Officer

I gained over 15 years of experience as a software sales executive for companies like IBM (Tivoli), Oracle and HP Software (Mercury). The commercial Tivoli success in the 90s rapidly outgrew its implementation capacity, eventually slowing down license sales and customer adoption. I saw the same thing happen again after the HP Software successes the following decade. This lead to my firm believe that “multi customer – single delivery” models are needed for successful fast growth adoption. Standardization and automation are crucial factors. This is the reason I am actively involved in the creation of the open source IT4IT standard of The Open Group as Co Chair of the Adoption Workgroup. The maturization of cloud computing is aiding by enabling the perfect circumstances for scale and cost efficiency.

I started out as entrepreneur in 2010 and founded UMBRiO in 2013. UMBRiO is my answer to the focus of our industry on short term results to the sole benefit of shareholders. I believe in creating sustaining value for all stakeholder involved, through real partnerships, as integral part of a mutually shared value chain, delivering results with meaning to real people in stead of chasing after an invented accounting number.

“On a mission with a vision”

Getting there is a journey for us too. The way we prepare for it is in small higly autonomous yet highly aligned teams of smart creative and passionate IT professionals. As an UMBRiAn you have to have an inclusive character. We will travel in close collaboration with our partners and customers and discover the traits and benefits of the new enterprise IT model, jointly find courage in letting go of the old and replace dysfunctional legacy.

Leading UMBRiO on this journey is a real privilege. And a daily challenge; how do you run a business on ideas in stead of hierarchy?

What inspires me

Most books on organizations are written for people hoping to find the secret key to gaining market share, beating competition and increasing profits. They offer advice on how to better play the game of success within the current management paradigm.

“Reinventing Organizations” comes from a different place. It is written as a handbook for people (founders of organizations, leaders, coaches, and advisors) who sense that something is broken in the way we run organizations today and who feel deeply that more must be possible… but wonder how to do it. Check out their website.

Imagine a world where nearly everyone wakes up inspired to go to work, feels safe and valued while they are there, then returns home feeling fulfilled. Leaders Eat Last is for those leaders and organizations committed to creating environments in which people naturally work together to do remarkable things. Go to the website of Simon Sinek.
Coherence is an integral way of thinking to address complex development issues. Using Coherence leads to meaning, a strong business identity and high value creation for your customers. Check out their website.

About Bart

Bart VerkroostChief Financial Officer

In 1992 I started working as a temp for an accounting company. Temporary because I had no idea what to do with my life and because I still had to service military.

I really enjoyed the work, puzzling with numbers. After years of working daytime and studying in the evening, I became a serious accountant. Working at Deloitte I enjoyed working and achieving goals as part of a team. I also found out that I was actually a lot more entrepreneurial than I anticipated.

In 2004 I started my own accountancy firm. First without employees, later building up to a team of ten people. My interests developed to the person in and behind the organization and why they do what they do. The last five years I was freelance accountant, entrepreneur, business coach and financial expert.

Client and friend Dieco introduced me to Erik and they shared their thoughts and challenges regarding UMBRiO. For me this came as an invitation at the right moment. I was open for a new challenge, meeting my desire to focus and be part of a team once again.

I am very pleased to structure and monitor the finance department of UMBRiO. Also working together to build a strong, sustainable, innovating and challenging company makes me happy.

“The only way to do GREAT work is to love what you do!”

In my spare time I like biking, hiking and travelling. Last year I cycled the Gran Fondo New York in favor of the diabetes Foundation.

I’m enjoying the ride of Chief Financial Officer at UMBRiO! Do you want to join us? I’m looking forward meeting you!

About Willem

Willem van den BroekManaging Consultant

My work experience is in government agencies, retail and finance (insurance and banking). Having been in the IT business for quite a while, I still wonder why the most obvious and simple solutions are often overlooked. The business of IT is a business of people and the knowledge they bring along. That’s why it is my firm belief that whatever you come up with, people should understand it and be able to handle it.

“I still wonder why the most obvious and simple solutions are often overlooked.”

My roots are in the eastern part of the country, and I have a pragmatic view on life and work. Above all: be yourself, be open and be honest. I would describe myself as empathic, a bit a-political combined with a strong sense of righteousness and straightforwardness. I seek to ignore common boundaries, as innovation and finding new approaches never come from following the lines.

Being schooled in Computer Science and Business Administration I strive to combine creativity and new technology into added value for primary processes of corporations. Let’s be honest: what good is something new if you cannot use it?

In 2015, I joined UMBRiO because of the people, the ambition, the vision we share and the drive to become a game changer. Working together gives me the opportunity to add my strengths to those of my colleagues so we can be a great team, enjoying what we’re good at and helping our customers with services that make a difference.

Besides work I like to hike with our Labrador retriever and to make wine. I enjoy cooking, tasty food and delicious wines. I also like going out for dinner to a very good restaurant, to enjoy the delicious dishes in good company.