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Operationalize your IT4IT with HPE Software

HPE Software keeps evolving and is committed to provide customer value. The UMBRiO consultants have many years of broad and deep experience with HPE software and together with our business case driven approach we can perfect your HPE Software initiatives for optimal customer value and customer experience.

UMBRiO’s experience and focus lie both within the ADM and ITOM domain of HPE Software solutions. We offer various managed services in those domains, all based on the IT4IT Reference Architecture of The Open Group.

HPE Software Solutions


The smart plug-in for CMDBs

UCMS reduces 100% unstructured data to 1% structured and relevant data in your CMDB. It also manages and improves your data sources in a computerized, consistent, simple and systematic way. As a result, the quality of the data in the CMDB increases significantly as does your ability to manage the data flows.

Data is freed
from all inconsistencies
The data contains all the information for the IT project
The data remains accurate, even if external factors change
The data is de-duplicated and freed from conflicts
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