UMBRiO is on the Steering Committee of the IT4IT™ Forum of The Open Group and actively participates in the development and adoption of the IT4IT™ standard. The open standard informs our thinking. When we create solutions we make sure they are IT4IT™ compatible. This enables us to build on intelligence already available while at the same time preventing vendor lock-in for our customers.

IT4IT™ – Managing the Business of IT

The IT4IT™ vision is a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT.

The mission of the The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum is to develop, evolve, and drive the business adoption of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture.

About the IT4IT™ Forum

The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum was established in October 2014. It develops and maintains the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture. The mission of The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum is to create and drive the adoption of the IT4IT™ standard that provides a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT, enabling insight for agile improvement with increased focus on business outcomes.

About the IT4IT™ Standard

IT4IT™, an Open Group standard, provides a vendor-neutral, technology-agnostic, and industry-agnostic reference architecture for managing the business of IT, enabling insight for continuous improvement.

IT4IT™ provides the capabilities for managing the business of IT that will enable IT execution across the entire value chain in a better, faster, cheaper way with less risk.

  • IT4IT™ is industry-independent to solve the same problems for everyone.
  • IT4IT™ is designed for existing landscapes and accommodates new IT paradigms such as cloud-brokering, DevOps, Bimodal IT, Agile, and Lean IT.
  • IT4IT™ complements existing process frameworks and methodologies (e.g., ITIL®, COBIT®, and the TOGAF® standard) by taking a data-focused and solution oriented implementation model perspective, essentially specifying what information is needed and how IT activities can be automated across the entire value chain.

What Others Say about IT4IT

“Corporate IT departments are facing an unprecedented level of change. To remain competitive, IT is constantly under pressure to deliver more value at a faster pace and lower cost, while ensuring cyber-security, adopting new market technologies, and managing the rapidly changing supplier landscape.
For this reason Shell is invested in The Open Group IT4IT™ Forum with the aim to share expertise and jointly design a comprehensive and integrated model for managing the business of IT. Adopting the resulting IT4IT™ Reference Architecture standard will now deliver value to Shell IT operations in areas such as improved interoperability in a multi-vendor environment with greater control through insights into the cost, value, risk, and performance throughout the IT lifecycle.”
Scott Wahl, CIO, Shell Global Functions and IT4IT™ Decision Executive
“Gartner research suggests that many IT functions are struggling to contain IT cost. Many companies see base cost going up, leaving less funds available for innovation and new business applications. The insights that IT4IT promises to deliver will enable opportunities for cost reduction to be identified, freeing up funding for innovation. Gartner estimates that for a $1B per annum IT function, this benefit could be 5% – 20% of total budget.”
Gartner Research
“Hybrid architectures, new sourcing models and new delivery models mean that the IT environment is more complex than ever, making it challenging for CIOs to maintain control whilst maintaining the agility and flexibility they need in today’s digital environment. Tools are available to help, but so far tend to be point solutions , developed in silos.
With IT4IT™, we envision the development of industrialized IT operations, supported by integrated automation that uses a common framework across the value chain, from investment portfolio management to the delivery and management of IT operations. As a founding member of the IT4IT™ Forum, Accenture seeks to work with IT customers and vendors within The Open Group to make this vision a reality.”
Daniel Benton, Global Managing Director, IT Strategy, Accenture

IT4IT™ Management Guide

This IT4IT™ Management Guide provides guidance on how the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture can be used within an IT organization to manage the business of IT. It is designed to provide a guide to business managers, CIOs, IT executives, IT professionals, and all individuals involved or interested in how to transition an IT organization to become a Lean and Agile IT service provider.

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Initiated and co-authored by Erik Witte, UMBRiO

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