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Bridging the Gap

The world of tomorrow requires a new generation of IT professionals. UMBRiO University finds, assesses, recruits and educates young talent fitting your needs.

The pace of change in the IT industry is high and picking up.  Not always easy to follow for our educational institutions, creating a gap between theory and practice, between demand and supply.

UMBRiO University helps you bridge the gap.


Based on your needs we tailor a custom plan on which we search, find, assess, jointly select, educate, train and coach the right talent. In an 18 month period our high potentials turn into your valued, trusted and experienced employees. After 18 months the professionals move from our payroll to yours. No hiring fee charges.

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What can you expect of our UMBRiO Alumni?

Focus on and commitment to the right results.
Willing and able to develop rapidly.
Quickly absorb new information.
Energetic and inquisitiveness.
A unique and refreshing view on things.
Contributors to a positive atmosphere.

Please feel free to contact Dieco van der Valk for more information. He’d be happy to answer any of your questions.